Sunday, April 17, 2011

Atheism for Lent: Pete Rollins

Tonight at the "Atheism for Lent" discussion group, we talked about the atheist critiques of religion that we have been looking at in the context of the Lenten narrative wherein God confesses God's own atheism and in the context of the Journey's own story.

The discussion focused less on Rollins' notion of a/theism (see the below posts for the material I produced) and more on the wider implications of the "Atheism for Lent" Course as a whole for Journey as a community, and I was glad to have been able to stimulate so much reflection in this direction. I was hoping that the Course would be useful for Journey, and not just an intellectual exercise. In particular, we talked about the way in which Journey's move from a church under a railway arch to a vegetarian cafe reflects a hope for fewer barriers to participation and we related this to the move from an atheistic-theistic dualism to the concept of a/theism.

Then we moved on to discuss ideas for the Good Friday "Forsaken by God" service that the group will be creating. We explored ideas for readings and music, and things will continue to take shape over the next few days.

Religion as A/Theism: Rollins (1)

Religion as A/Theism: Rollins (2)

Religion as A/Theism: Rollins (3)

Religion as A/Theism: Rollins (4)

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