Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Apple 7 - Institutional Church as Out-Moded Technology

Apple's next meeting is timely. Following on from the recent online debates regarding the institutional church and Kester Brewin's use of Hakim Bey's notion of "Temporary Automous Zones" (TAZ) in his book Other (I posted a list of links to these discussions in an earlier post, here), Apple 7 will ask, "Is the institutional Church an out-moded organisational technology?" The evening will revolve around a panel discussion by Jonny Baker, Maggi Dawn, Ian Mobsby and Kester, at The Betsey Trotswood, Farringdon Road, London on Wednesday Sep 15 at 7.30pm. Here's some blurb:

"In the light of the scandals surrounding the Catholic church, and the decline in church attendance over the past decades, has the classic model of the institution had its day?

"Is institutional Christianity an outmoded organisational technology – slow, heavy-weight and rigid – and are there new, more light-weight and adaptable ‘skins’ that provide a more flexible and adaptable service… or is the move towards a more fluid, ‘TAZ’ Christianity no more than a flash(mob) in the pan, lacking substance or ground for genuine action?"

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