Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Disorganised Christianity?

Having posted yesterday about Theo Hobson's recent Guardian articles on Pete Rollins and Kester Brewin, and begun an interesting conversation on the question of institutionalism, I found (via Jonny Baker) another in The Spectator which reviews a Grace event from a view months back: "In Search of Disorganised Religion." And here's another one on alternative worship from Ship of Fools,"Anyone for Really Alternative Worship," where Hobson raises the question of radically re-thinking ritual to detach it from institutionalism and explains a personal park ritual that he engages in with his family. At the end of the Ship of Fools feature, he writes:

Some will say that my rejection of institutionalism is naive: if this ritual in the park were to catch on, then surely it too would become a sort of institution, with a tacit orthodoxy.

And this is the danger that Kester has been warning about in his recent posts on retreating into institutionalism. How do we avoid the fetishisation of permanence? But I've also asked Kester what his thoughts are on the intimately connected question of: How do we avoid the fetishisation of the temporary?

Exploring this question might forestall the concerns of many that a valid criticism of the structural violence of institutions is being translated into a critique of the personal choice some have made to become ordained.

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