Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paul and Political Theology

I need to buy this: Paul, Philosophy, and the Theopolitical Vision: Critical Engagements with Agamben, Badiou, Zizek and Others, edited by Dougals Harink (in Wipf and Stock's Theopolitical Visions series).

Here's the back cover blurb:

"The apostle Paul was a man of many journeys. We are usually familiar with the geographical ones he made in his own time. This volume traces others—Paul's journeys in our time, as he is co-opted or invited to travel (sometimes as abused slave, sometimes as trusted guide) with modern and recent Continental philosophers and political theorists. Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Benjamin; Taubes, Badiou, Zizek, and Agamben—Paul journeys here among the philosophers. In these essays you are invited to travel with them into the regions of philosophy, hermeneutics, political theory, and theology. You will certainly hear the philosophers speak. But Paul will not remain silent. Above the sounds of the journey his voice comes through, loud and clear."

And here's the contents:

"Introduction: From Apocalypse to Philosophy" - and Back, Douglas Harink

Part One: From Apocalypse to Philosophy

1 "The Gospel invades Philosophy," J. Louis Martyn

Part Two: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Benjamin

2 "Living 'As If Not:' Messianic Becoming or the Practice of Nihilism?" Travis Kroeker

3 "Heidegger's Paul and Radical Orthodoxy on the Structure of Christian Hope," Justin D. Klassen

4 "The Messiah's Quiet Approach: Walter Benjamin's Messianic Politics," Grant Poettcker

Part Three: Badiou and Zizek

5 "A Very Particular Universalism: Badiou and Paul," Stephen Fowl

6 "Ideological Closure in the Christ-Even: A Marxist Response to Alain Badiou's Paul," Neil Elliott

7 "Subjects between Death and Resurrection: Badiou, Zizek, and St. Paul," Geoffrey Holsclaw

Part Four: Agamben

8 "The Cross as the Fulcrum of Politics: Expropriating Agamben on Paul," Paul J. Griffiths

9 "Messianic or Apocalyptic? Engaging Agamben on Paul and Politics," Ryan L. Hanses

Part Five: Hermeneutics, Ecclesia, Time

10 "Hermeneutics of Unbelief: Philosophical Readings of Paul," Jens Zimmermann

11 "On the Exigency of a Messianic Ecclesia: An Engagement with Philosophical Readers of Paul," Gordon Zerbe

12 "Time and Politics in Four Commentaries on Romans," Douglas Harink


Chris Spinks said...

If you are attending either the American Academy of Religion or Society of Biblical Literature conferences in Atlanta this year, you can receive a nice conference discount.

Also, given your interest in Caputo, you might want to pick this up as well (


D. Christopher Spinks, PhD
Editor, Cascade Books and Pickwick Publications
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Eugene, OR 97401

Katharine Moody said...

Hi Chris,

I've not been able to get to either the AAR or SBL yet, as I'm an overseas gal. But it's always great when publishers give conference discounts, and very much appreciated!

I know one of the editors of Cross and Khora, and Jack sent me a copy just before Christmas last year, which was great to read over the hols.

I'm hoping to get research funding for a project that would explore the theo-political implications of Derrida, Caputo and Zizek for a radical Christian sociality, so will keep Wipf and Stock's Theopolitical Vision series in mind when thinking about potential publishers! So thanks for getting in contact, Katharine x