Thursday, June 17, 2010

John D Caputo official Facebook fan page

I'm going to try administering the Official John D Caputo Facebook page (here) and to try to make it a place where fans (we haven't come up with a good name yet - Caputians? Caputo-ettes?) can discuss his work and swap resources. It'll also be a great opportunity for me to network with a wide variety of people who find Jack's work personally and/or professionally inspiring, as I know that my own research career is going to be marked by it. I'll keep it updated with Jack's speaking engagements and send out announcements of new publications as they come out, etc. It's also useful to remind folks of the lecture downloads that Jack has on his Syracuse website.

In the bar to the left, you can see the "like box" (it's down to the left under the title: John D Caputo Discussion and Resource Page on Facebook).


Anonymous said...

I had an interesting conversation with a guy who has recently joined my church and was having his baby dedicated on Sunday - he is an avid Caputo/Zizek fan, enjoys reading deconstructive theology and has joined the Facebook group - it is strange what a small world we live in!


Katharine Moody said...

That's great.

Either a small world, or the influence of continental thinkers is growing!!!