Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not Yet In The Now

Neal DeRoo and John Panteleimon Manoussakis have co-edited a book called Phenomenology and Eschatology: Not Yet In The Now (Ashgate). If I get a PDF copy or find £50 down the back of my sofa, I'll review it at some point in the (near) future. But, for now, here's some blurb from Ashgate's website and the contents:

This book brings together a world-renowned collection of philosophers and theologians to explore the ways in which the resurgence of eschatological thought in contemporary theology and the continued relevance of phenomenology in philosophy can illuminate each other. Through a series of phenomenological analyses of key eschatological concepts and detailed readings in some of the key figures of both disciplines, this text reveals that phenomenology and eschatology cannot be fully understood without each other: without eschatology, phenomenology would not have developed the ethical and futural aspects that characterize it today; without phenomenology, eschatology would remain relegated to the sidelines of serious theological discourse. Along the way, such diverse themes as time, death, parousia, and the call are re-examined and redefined. Containing new contributions from Jean-Yves Lacoste, Claude Romano, Richard Kearney, Kevin Hart and others, this book is necessary reading for anyone interested in the intersection of contemporary philosophy and theology.


Introduction - PDF download here;
Part I Phenomenology of Eschatology:
1. The phenomenality of anticipation, Jean-Yves Lacoste;
2. Awaiting, Claude Romano.
Part II Phenomenological Eschatology:
3. Sacramental imagination and eschatology, Richard Kearney;
4. The promise of the new and the tyranny of the same, John Panteleimon Manoussakis;
5. John Zizioulas on eschatology and persons, Douglas H. Knight.
Part III Eschatological Phenomenology:
6. The eschatology of the self and the birth of the being-with; or, on tragedy, Ilias Papagiannopoulos;
7. Being and the promise, Jeffrey Bloechl.
Part IV Phenomenology and Eschatology: Historical Confluences:
8. 'Hineingehalten in die Nacht': Heidegger's early appropriation of Christian eschatology, Judith E. Tonning;
9. Phenomenology and eschatology in Michel Henry, Jeffrey Hanson;
10. 'Without world': eschatology in Michel Henry, Kevin Hart;
Appendix: The present and the gift, Jean-Luc Marion.

A PDF of the Introduction is available for download from Ashgate here.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katharine,
if you send me your mailing address I would be glad to send you a copy of the volume.
JP Manoussakis