Sunday, November 02, 2008

Reading Spiritualities Published

Stemming from a Lancaster University conference a couple of years back, my supervisor Dr. Deborah F. Sawyer and fellow PhD student Dawn Llewellyn have collected several papers together to form a publication entitled Reading Spiritualities: Constructing and Representing the Sacred.

Here's some blurb: "The phenomenon of 'sacred text' has undergone radical deconstruction in recent times, reflecting how religion has broken out of its traditional definitions and practices, and how current literary theories have influenced texts inside the religious domain and beyond. "Reading Spiritualities" presents both commentary and vivid examples of this evolution, engaging with a variety of reading practices that work with traditional texts and those that extend the notion of 'text' itself. The contributors... open up understandings of where and how 'sacred texts' are emerging and being reassessed within contemporary religious and spiritual contexts; and make room for readings where the spiritual resides not only in the textual, but in other unexpected places... [The book] offers a unique and well-focussed 'snapshot' of the textual constructions and representations of the sacred within the contemporary religious climate - accessible to the general reader, as well as more specialist interests of students and researchers working in the crossover fields of religious, theological, cultural and literary studies."

And the table of contents:

  • "Introduction," Deborah F. Sawyer and Dawn Llewellyn
  • "Getting a/cross god: An Interview with Michèle Roberts," Michèle Roberts, Dawn Llewellyn and Deborah F. Sawyer
  • "The Sacred in Caribbean Literature: A Theological Conversation," Michael N. Jagessar
  • "Dramatic Improvisation: A Jazz Inspired Approach to Undertaking Theology with the Marginalized," Anthony G. Reddie
  • "‘Gendering the Spirit’: Reading Women’s Spiritualities with a Comparative Mirror," Ursula King
  • "Our Sacred Texts: Literature, Theology and Feminism," Heather Walton
  • "The Desire for Interactivity and the Emerging Texts of the Blogosphere," Katharine Sarah Moody
  • "Spiritual Themes and Identities in Chicana Texts: The Virgin of Guadalupe as a Role Model for Womanhood," María Antonia Álvarez
  • "Bihishti Zewar: A Text for Respectable Women?" Raana Bokhari
  • "Forming Community in the Third Wave: Literary Texts and Women’s Spiritualities," Dawn Llewellyn
  • "Solomon’s Narrative: Architecture, Text and the Sacred," Ozayr Saloojee
  • "Reading Texts, Watching Texts: Mythopoesis on Neopagan Websites," Maria Beatrice Bittarello
  • "Word and Image: Burgess, Zeffirelli, and Jesus the Man of Nazareth," Graham Holderness
  • "Do Not Hide Your Face From Me: The Sacred and Profane Body in Art and Modern Literature," David Jasper

My chapter, "The Desire for Interactivity and the Emerging Texts of the Blogosphere," focuses upon the ways in which the UK emerging church milieu (when I wrote the paper I was using the language of "emerging Christian communities") use online texts, particularly blogs, from the perspective of recent literary theory. I've blogged about it before - here - but wanted to draw attention to it again now we've gone to print!


Anonymous said...

£45 -interesting book but very expensive!!

Katharine Moody said...

So, you're going to wait until the paperback edition and then buy lots?

Anonymous said...

I have got way to many unread books to get through.