Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pete in the States

Here's a video of Pete Rollins during his US tour, taken from his blog, talking about the irony of hearing revelation without heeding it, without it "transforming your radical subjectivity."

It would be incredibly interesting to find out more about how Pete's tour and the recent Minnekon gatherings have been received in the States... I sense a possible international research proposal coming on! Here are the few reflections I've been able to find in the blogosphere regarding Minnekon (from Adam Moore here, here, here, here, here, here and here; from Rachel Swan here, here, and here)


Anonymous said...

In my experience people are much more liable to endorse/accept/approve ideas and concepts in response to hearing/interacting with naturally gifted charasmatic individuals who possess considerable personal magnetism. Ideas are often secondary to personality....


Michael O'Neill Burns said...

Stumbled upon your blog and realized (i think?) we emailed a year or so ago about issues in truth/church and I don't think I ever got back to you! Terribly sorry. I've left Nottingham and am now doing a phd in philosophy up at Dundee, but still working on issues related to truth. I've looked around your blog a bit and checked out your research and it looks quite interesting. The one thing I'd say/recommend is looking at Alain Badiou on truth/events. Especially as Caputo as taken up some of this themes. In the contemporary cont. phil. scene Badiou is fairly dominant/influential right now, and this influence is starting to creep into theology (Milbank and other RO types have been writing about him for a few years now) and I think his notion of truth/events poses a really big challenge to Caputo. I'm sure you're well into finishing your thesis at this point...but i may be worth a foot note or something!

If you want shoot me an email and we can jive on this a bit more.

hope you're well.

aka The Swandive said...


Its been a few months, and the only thing that I have done is just search and read veraciously every book, every thread that I can pull on this fabric of emergent. Peter Rollins is not, for your information, a magician whos spell, we who have spent time in workshop with, fallen under.

It is CONTENT, not personality, thanks.

I would encourage anyone who is really interested to just shoot the chap an email and talk to him, the personality. He is a GOOD man, a smart person, and puts on his pants one leg at a time. Personality and all.

Katherine - glad to find you - thanks for the linking. I'll poke around a bit, after I click the button. Blessings.

Katharine Moody said...


Thanks for getting in touch again. I've rooted around a bit in Badiou re: truth/events and need to do more, but thanks for the reassurance that it'll fit in the thesis and be useful!

Tell me more about your research at the moment?

Katharine Moody said...


Thanks for stopping by. Great to hear from you.

Rodney knows Pete VERY well... but I'll let him defend his comments himself!!!

Anonymous said...


interesting somewhat hysterical overreaction to a generalised point about how ideas can appear more attractive when spoken by someone with considerable not want to get into a personal debate about Pete.


Anonymous said...


This will be my last comment in your blog - I am finally retiring about reading about emerging church,blogs,books etc

I have realised that it is a incredibly tiny self-involved community which is irrelevant to modern day life..

Best of luck with your thesis - I am sorry that so few people actually interacted with your blog.


Katharine Moody said...

Hi Rodney,

Sorry to hear you're leaving us. Maybe when I've finished my thesis, you could have a read of it and see if I manage to convince you that it is not irrelevant? ;-)

Lots of love, Katharine x

aka The Swandive said...


Again, thank you so much for the link to my blog. I am sorry that my comment was rude and brash, I know I hate it when people just stop by and blast on mine.


Not a raving loyal fan, just wanted to let you know that it wasn't puppy love, that is all.
I did in no way mean to blast, rather to say that Peters work has been nothing if not challenging and inspirational. And the group from Minne-ikon, we have formed some relationships that are I believe life-long. What I am trying to say, and was trying to say, is that it was more than fluff. For me, it was transformation.

I found Katherine because she linked to me, and I will be a lurker and occasional commenter, as I said earlier, I am interested in the conversation and content of this topic. The personalization of my comment was because my reactions were pointed to. Re-reading your comment I can see the generality of it, and am sorry I was so "american" and made it all about me.

I am sorry for the reaction and for my part in it, and I only hope you can hear what I was trying to offer. Agreed, Peter doesn't need Americans like me jumping in. Sorry, for the posture.

And thank you Katherine. Blessings and peace.

Adam said...

Well this is interesting...

I'm glad you found my Minnekon posts helpful.

I actually just spent time with Pete in Waco on Friday. He spoke at Baylor University and we were able to spend some time together the rest of the day. The response was very good at Baylor - we had over 100 people, with most having never heard of Pete before the event (at least that was my impression).

Katharine Moody said...

Hi Adam,

Thanks for stopping by. Do you know of any communities in the States who are trying to put (Ikonic) transformance art into practice? I know Ikon has links with a community in Tuscon but haven't heard of anyone else trying to do Ikon-esque stuff on the ground. It'd be great if you could let me know if you know of anything?

Katharine x