Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Emerging Church" R.I.P. (more links)

I missed a few important parts of the recent conversation about the demise of the term "emerging church." Thanks for the Out of Ur heads-up, Rodney. Here they are:
Out of Ur, "Emerging Church R.I.P."

Dan Kimball, on the shift in definition of "emerging church."

Bob Hyatt, "Look Who's Done with Words like Emergent."

Jason Clark starting a 'new chapter' "Beyond Emergent and Emerging Church." P.S. It'll be here, at Deep Church.

Tallskinnykiwi's thoughts on the poll results, "You Say Dump It."


Anonymous said...

Hello Katherine,

deep church has an interesting blog by Jason Clark about emerging church which is relevant to your last 2 posts


Anonymous said...

richard passmore -sunday papers blog

staring into the distance: as far as our eyes can see blog

2 more uk blogs about the decline of the emerging church .

the 2nd one has quite a dense and theoretical article about postmodernism/ emerging church - above my head!!!

Katharine Moody said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Tony jones has a post on his blog about the emerging church as part of a 'new social movement' which ties in with Doug Pagitt video and P Tickles book

quote from blog

One of the reasons that I think the movement at large (of which Emergent Village is a part) will not go away is that the Emergent/-ing Church Movement (ECM) is part of a much broader cultural reality in the West, what sociologists call New Social Movements

Not sure how it fits but perhaps you with your sociology background can make sense of it....

with very little to do at work I have become way too obsessed with surfing the net about the EC thing....I will retire for a while