Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guest Blogger at Jason Clark

My post frequency has suffered this month as I've been locked in my room completing a 3,000 word submission on "A/theistic Orthodoxy" for the Society for Continental Philosophy and Theology conference on Postmodernism, Truth and Religious Pluralism, after giving a paper on "Truth and Weak Theology" in my department's seminar series.

Anyway, I'm a guest blogger at Jason Clark's blog next Monday (March 3rd) and so I've also been panicking about that. As (my few) regular readers will know, I've been struggling to find a suitable "blogging style" that doesn't read like I just chopped some bits out of something I gave to my supervisor yesterday. So I'm practing on someone else's blog! We'll see how I do!


Anonymous said...

I will check Jasons blog.

A/theistic 'orthodoxy' is a complete oxymoron!!
(Should be atheistic heterodoxy)

A thought about your blogging style..

I know this is a academic research blog but if you revealed a bit more of your own thoughts/personality/concrete life in a slightly more personal way it would be slightly easier to connect with (just a suggestion)

Long live Radical Orthodoxy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Some small bits of info about emerging church on the web

A website called I am Josh Brown had a lively discussion about critiques of emergent recently

Jesus Creed had an interesting 150 odd comment discussion about an Emerging Church chart recently

Church and Pomo has had many posts about WWJD plus responses from Caputo himself

A new buzz phrase 'concrete faith collective' will replace emergent church.....


Katharine Moody said...

Cheers for the reading and writing suggestions, S. I'll look into them and practice personality-writing!

Glad to see you again x

Jason Clark said...

You'll be great, looking forward to your post :-)!

Katharine Moody said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence! x