Thursday, June 28, 2007

Papers, Supervisions, and Fieldwork - Oh My! Oh, and Greenbelt!!!

The paper on Authorship and Authority in the blogosphere went well at the postgraduate seminar series. Some good discussion points afterwards regarding emerging social structures in the blogosphere. Patrick Carr (a fellow PhD student from Lancaster University) made some very interesting reflections concerning spiritual disciplines and the aesthetics of the moral self - something which I think may have a great many resonances with the neo-monasticism of many emerging Christian communities.

My supervision with Deborah the next day helped me rethink my intentions for the Reading Spiritualities chapter, situating the blogging activities of emerging Christian communities in the context of shifting notions of authority. I'll be working on it over the next few weeks, for the July 31st deadline (argh!), as well as trying to schedule my summer of interviewing.

I've had lots of emails from people wanting to participate in this research project, generated through a nearly exhaustive email advertising campaign that I worried might constitute spamming(!) and a hugely helpful post about my PhD by Jason Clark. At the moment, I think I might have around 30-40 questionnaire responses winging their way to me through cyberspace, which I hope to follow up with face-to-face interviews over the next few months. I'm really looking forward to getting to sit down with people and explore their beliefs. I hope to complete the fieldwork by Greenbelt at the end of August!

Speaking of Greenbelt, the line-up looks excellent. And the New Forms Cafe (my favouritist space) looks on great again this year. There are a whole host of communities with whom I've been in contact about this research, including: Sanctuary Birmingham, Ikon, The Garden, Dream, Grace, MayBe, Safe Space, Journey, Moot, Sanctuary Bath, Foundation, hOME, and Sanctus 2nds. And I haven't quite grown out of Delirious? yet!!! Hope it doesn't rain, though!


paul said...

Hey Katharine,

When you're at Greenbelt, try to find a couple of Australian friends of mine. Cheryl Lawrie and Ro Allen. Cheryl is a keen EC blogger and a member of my sample. Ro is my boss at work but sh'es got some interesting experiences on the alt. worship movement if you'd like to meet her.

Katharine Moody said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Paul. I'm hoping to get a last blast of fieldwork done over that weekend - as well as trying to get to as much of the New Forms stuff as I can. You couldn't ask Cheryl and Ro to wear name badges, could you?!?!

paul said...

I could definitely ask.